On sadness

Sometimes I think it takes a lot of courage to pull that trigger and jump through the window in front of me. It might end the pain and it might not.

I know someone else might be deeper down in the abyss than me but a little bit of sadness is still sadness. It is just the fact that you are sad about something and that feeling does a dance in you, making you feel small, unworthy.

A little light flicks in you.. maybe just that one movement of your leg will end this pain..but then you think of the consequences that will happen after you’ve commited this so-called crime. You think about what people are going to talk about when you are no longer there to listen and be scarred..the light that was there a moment ago vanishes. After all, I’m just a selfish brat left there to fight with my own self.

Let’s see how long will this war be…