Before Sunrise (1995)

I was planning to do a Before Trilogy marathon but then after finishing the first one,  I was dismayed that the others weren’t on my Netflix.

The movie wasn’t so overwhelming, but I guess that might be how I want love to be. Lasting; even though the characters did say that believing that relationships will last is a stupid idea.

I kind of saw that given these unique conditions, the characters were able to develop such a deep connection, and after parting, their feelings will just subside. However, the idea that this otherworldliness opened up a space to let magic seep through is beautiful to me. The ability to connect, the ability to share something so personal, and to talk for hours with perfect silent moments, is so fragile and beautiful. It’s like being naked more than being naked in the literal sense.

Celine did make me laugh at times with her “being so very French,” and Jesse reminded me of you. /I miss that time on the rooftop when you told me about your childhood while the sun was setting, also how you passionately went on about philosophy and music. Watching this movie repeated what one of my friends told me that ” you can’t heal others,” but I’d still like you to keep sharing things with me if that’d make you feel better. Thank you for the magical moments ❤

21 December 2017

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Persepolis (2007)

Reading only snippets of something can lead you to a total different meaning.

The first time I came across Persepolis was in an art exhibition about graphic novels from around the world, and the second time was in ‘Introduction to Literature’ of the Comparative Literature department of my faculty.


By seeing only this strip, a bad message about Islam reverberated in me. It seemed a very oppressive religion which was also full of force and strict regulations, well in fact if you watched the movie or read the whole book, you would understand that it wasn’t from the religion but from the politics.

I related to Marjane, the protagonist, so much as I’m also a muslimah who wants to express myself through clothing and also being able to express my thoughts on the society around me. And so, after watching the film, my  bad thoughts about Persepolis disappeared.

The fact that the producers animated the graphic novel instead of casting actors also gave the story a special dimension in story telling.

The narration through the eyes of Marjane allowed us to see how war affects children and also how her view changes as she grows.

Early on in the story, you could see how children took on violence as something not serious as they haven’t seen the consequences. Thus, there was a scene when Marjane and her gang came up with a game that the loser would have to be ‘tortured’ violently.

Here are some quotes I like:

<<Shhh tous ca ce qu’il disent, moi ca je vais toi racontrer que ce passe>> -Marjane’s father on what the teachers told Marjane

<<Oh ben, en fait il est un conard!>> -Marjane on the Shah

<<Il est en prison surtout parce qu’il est communiste>>

<<Ce pays en ce moment c’est le merde, ma fille>>

<<Ton devoir est de pardonne>> -Marjane’s grandmother teaching her

<<Un jour le proletariat reignira>>

<<ABBA, c’est pout les nounouches>> LOL

<<Maman, c’est nul les Bee Gees>> LOL

<<La liberte a tout le temps un prix>>



If cats disappeared… (2016)

-lovely film tone

-heartwarming: the dad who’s the quietest always makes the most impact “Arigato, for coming into this world”, when he adopted the stray cat for the mum and named it cabbage to replace Lettuce, how he was always busy with fixing clocks (getting time right? make the world go on?) and gives the mum the watch “I fixed it for you”

-amazing ost

-funningly contrasting to Le mur (coincidence that I am also reading this book)//Le mur mentions expireence *esp the paragraph abt how life was just a lie

-not a usual ‘life is made of little wonderful things’ movie or live life fully//it circles around how things are connected to us, we’re built up by people, stories, happenings, and objects

-“humans are the only living thing that lets time be over(?) us ~

-“people don’t keep cats. It’s them that let us keep”


/<the metropolis, limelight, buenos aires> list of movies appeared in the film

Suicide Room (2011)

“I’m living, quietly bleeding.”

-he’s normal. No, you can’t judge someone if they’re going to commit suicide if they are normal are not.

-everyone has the potential too. Also me at times.

-why does death have to be so painful? Aren’t we suffering enough?

-spoiled brat, selfish parents, no time shared even in his last moments

-the reality is harsh and dark

-the lead actor did a magnificent job

Zootopia…where anyone can be anything!

*I’m trying to free write whatever is on my mind right now*

**may include spoilers**

Sometimes you have to rebel a bit, explore a little, and set your mind free, in order to come back to work, to study as fresh as can be.

Yesterday, I was left home alone, and seeing that I was surely going to be late for my French class, I decided to skip and check the cinema for a round of Zootopia.

This new Disney animation had me in tears right from the start! It’s funny how you’ve made your major fall in life and from that moment on, everything about getting up on your knees and start galopping again just inspires your tears to brim. Zootopia just got me in that feel.

Judy Hopps wanted to be a police even though no rabbit has been one before. She had dreams, big dreams, but she didn’t know how to give up.

Seeing ‘Jude the Dude’, as her father calls her, run and fail, run and fail for numerous times until she finally climbs to the peak of her dreams, makes me reflect on my self..whether I ‘tried’ hard enough to grab my dream or not.

I am so grateful that I have parents who will believe and support my dream no matter what , unlike Judy’s parents. Well, if my parents see the possibility of me failing, they would tell me to try harder but they won’t tell me to settle down with something easier. But although   I have nearly all the components I need to make my dream come true, I still need the ambition and big heart like Judy….thank you fro reminding me of that Judes 🙂

Okay, so let’s face this. The trying-harder message is a little cliché, even though it hit me hard right in the chest. This theme in the movie wasn’t not its best thing, but it was rather the way the animation portrayed people in the society.

The civil servants as sloths (everyone knows how slow these people work, well, sometimes not the people but the system), con artists as foxes, mafias as a littel rodent (you know these powerful people have a fear deep inside them that make them really small), and so on…. it sounds like stereotyping but he movie does convey the mesage of celebrating these differences too and to not judge people right away, by giving Nick Wilde the fox to have a background of not being sly and just wanting to fit in.

So yeah, the way Disney is expanding its audiences with this clever new theme is very impressing!..I can’t believe I’m cutting out right now, but I’ll try to write better next time..sorry!


Scrape the walls and you’ll find warmth…


“L’amour, c’est lorsqu’on convie l’autre à la table de sa solitude” – Aphorismes sous la lune et autre pensées sauvages, Sylvain Tesson

It’s funny how things can change in the course of just only a few decades. Transportation systems like railways, roads, streets, or telephones used to bond people from different social classes and places together. But now, they have become a place where people commune together within each own’s thought bubble.

People digging their heads into their smartphones is now a common sight in Bangkok, while reading a book would catch so much attention. (side thought: so much attention that the 2015 military government had to ban people from reading George Orwell’s ‘1984’ )

I was cramming my midterms on the MRT (Bangkok’s underground metro) the other day when the man next to me, after peeking into my book several times, started a conversation. It wasn’t a significant conversation, just the normal “oh so you’re studying this?” kind of talk, but it struck me how talking to random people could make you feel strange…in a good way. The man even wished me luck on my exams before I got off the train.

I then remebered the warmth I always feel after giving and receiving smiles from people I walk pass…but why am I so afraid to commence these smiles or talks?

Could it be that most of us are so lonely because we have lost the skills to open up a conversation with people we meet, and then we turn to rely on our friends on social media to quench this feeling?

Would it be possible for all of us to have the courage to put our smartphones down and start scraping the walls that blocks us from each other?

The short film “Gratte Papier” perfectly shows us the reward of having the fearlessness to start connecting.

(Gratte papier is the French noun for an employee who writes the documents in an office. However the short film was referring to the literal term as the verb gratter means to scrape and papier means paper)

The film is shot on a French metro, showing us the various people who hop on and off this transport, and then focuses on this particular man (probably a university student) who takes out his book to read.

During this train journey, different people sit down beside the lad, but things gets interesting when a quite attractive lady sits next to him who also pulls out her book to read. The two catch each others glimpses, so the young man decides to underline certain words in his book to communicate with her. They then flirt, but it was a beautiful flirt to me. Two humans communicating without sound but with words that only they can understand. Words that only they can hear.

The film ended happily by having the lady giving the young man her phone number so that they could now start to communicate with sound.

I come to think that if the couple were swiping their phones up and down, no one would dare to peek their nose in to try to find out what each other were reading? While as, when it’s a book, it’s a object so it doesn’t feel like your interferring with other people’s business?

I dunno..I’m babbling….

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