Contemporary French Philosophy 5

  • Plain of imminence – image of thought
  • image as the negation of self
  • concept (thinkable), thought (product)
  • Deleuze’s “Philosophy as constructivism” -to create something, chaos, not stable
  • science: controllable, reappropriate, to law
  • philosophy: infinite, open-ended, concept, imminent, “consistent without losing the infinite” –thus is the ethics (ethos = way) of philosophy
  • conceptual persona – ready to confront
  • What is the author? > who is the author? — as the ideas come from the confrontation
  • “the philosopher is the envelop” –life depending on the life of philosophy
  • the role of author, translator, philosopher



Through the Looking Glass of Zootopia

>Warning: SPOILERS GALORE AHEAD<< Nothing screams a happy children’s film more than adorably animated fluffy animals, bright vivid colors, and the powerhouse “Disney” emb…

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