Persepolis (2007)

Reading only snippets of something can lead you to a total different meaning.

The first time I came across Persepolis was in an art exhibition about graphic novels from around the world, and the second time was in ‘Introduction to Literature’ of the Comparative Literature department of my faculty.


By seeing only this strip, a bad message about Islam reverberated in me. It seemed a very oppressive religion which was also full of force and strict regulations, well in fact if you watched the movie or read the whole book, you would understand that it wasn’t from the religion but from the politics.

I related to Marjane, the protagonist, so much as I’m also a muslimah who wants to express myself through clothing and also being able to express my thoughts on the society around me. And so, after watching the film, my  bad thoughts about Persepolis disappeared.

The fact that the producers animated the graphic novel instead of casting actors also gave the story a special dimension in story telling.

The narration through the eyes of Marjane allowed us to see how war affects children and also how her view changes as she grows.

Early on in the story, you could see how children took on violence as something not serious as they haven’t seen the consequences. Thus, there was a scene when Marjane and her gang came up with a game that the loser would have to be ‘tortured’ violently.

Here are some quotes I like:

<<Shhh tous ca ce qu’il disent, moi ca je vais toi racontrer que ce passe>> -Marjane’s father on what the teachers told Marjane

<<Oh ben, en fait il est un conard!>> -Marjane on the Shah

<<Il est en prison surtout parce qu’il est communiste>>

<<Ce pays en ce moment c’est le merde, ma fille>>

<<Ton devoir est de pardonne>> -Marjane’s grandmother teaching her

<<Un jour le proletariat reignira>>

<<ABBA, c’est pout les nounouches>> LOL

<<Maman, c’est nul les Bee Gees>> LOL

<<La liberte a tout le temps un prix>>





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