If cats disappeared… (2016)

-lovely film tone

-heartwarming: the dad who’s the quietest always makes the most impact “Arigato, for coming into this world”, when he adopted the stray cat for the mum and named it cabbage to replace Lettuce, how he was always busy with fixing clocks (getting time right? make the world go on?) and gives the mum the watch “I fixed it for you”

-amazing ost

-funningly contrasting to Le mur (coincidence that I am also reading this book)//Le mur mentions expireence *esp the paragraph abt how life was just a lie

-not a usual ‘life is made of little wonderful things’ movie or live life fully//it circles around how things are connected to us, we’re built up by people, stories, happenings, and objects

-“humans are the only living thing that lets time be over(?) us ~

-“people don’t keep cats. It’s them that let us keep”


/<the metropolis, limelight, buenos aires> list of movies appeared in the film



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