On sadness

Sometimes I think it takes a lot of courage to pull that trigger and jump through the window in front of me. It might end the pain and it might not.

I know someone else might be deeper down in the abyss than me but a little bit of sadness is still sadness. It is just the fact that you are sad about something and that feeling does a dance in you, making you feel small, unworthy.

A little light flicks in you.. maybe just that one movement of your leg will end this pain..but then you think of the consequences that will happen after you’ve commited this so-called crime. You think about what people are going to talk about when you are no longer there to listen and be scarred..the light that was there a moment ago vanishes. After all, I’m just a selfish brat left there to fight with my own self.

Let’s see how long will this war be…


Through the Looking Glass of Zootopia

>Warning: SPOILERS GALORE AHEAD<< Nothing screams a happy children’s film more than adorably animated fluffy animals, bright vivid colors, and the powerhouse “Disney” emb…

Source: Through the Looking Glass of Zootopia

Zootopia…where anyone can be anything!

*I’m trying to free write whatever is on my mind right now*

**may include spoilers**

Sometimes you have to rebel a bit, explore a little, and set your mind free, in order to come back to work, to study as fresh as can be.

Yesterday, I was left home alone, and seeing that I was surely going to be late for my French class, I decided to skip and check the cinema for a round of Zootopia.

This new Disney animation had me in tears right from the start! It’s funny how you’ve made your major fall in life and from that moment on, everything about getting up on your knees and start galopping again just inspires your tears to brim. Zootopia just got me in that feel.

Judy Hopps wanted to be a police even though no rabbit has been one before. She had dreams, big dreams, but she didn’t know how to give up.

Seeing ‘Jude the Dude’, as her father calls her, run and fail, run and fail for numerous times until she finally climbs to the peak of her dreams, makes me reflect on my self..whether I ‘tried’ hard enough to grab my dream or not.

I am so grateful that I have parents who will believe and support my dream no matter what , unlike Judy’s parents. Well, if my parents see the possibility of me failing, they would tell me to try harder but they won’t tell me to settle down with something easier. But although   I have nearly all the components I need to make my dream come true, I still need the ambition and big heart like Judy….thank you fro reminding me of that Judes 🙂

Okay, so let’s face this. The trying-harder message is a little cliché, even though it hit me hard right in the chest. This theme in the movie wasn’t not its best thing, but it was rather the way the animation portrayed people in the society.

The civil servants as sloths (everyone knows how slow these people work, well, sometimes not the people but the system), con artists as foxes, mafias as a littel rodent (you know these powerful people have a fear deep inside them that make them really small), and so on…. it sounds like stereotyping but he movie does convey the mesage of celebrating these differences too and to not judge people right away, by giving Nick Wilde the fox to have a background of not being sly and just wanting to fit in.

So yeah, the way Disney is expanding its audiences with this clever new theme is very impressing!..I can’t believe I’m cutting out right now, but I’ll try to write better next time..sorry!